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Our crowdfunding campaign launches this March, and as part of our launch we are offering Kickstarter VIP spots. Essentially VIPs get first-access to our campaign when we go live. This is super important since we only have a limited number of spots for Beta. In addition to first-access, VIP’s will be invited to a private Facebook group where we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes content.

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We use Samcart as our checkout provider. Samcart uses Stripe and Paypal as payment processors, both of which are completely safe and secure.

Exclusive Access

There are a limited amount of VIP spots

Early Bird

You'll get first access to Fluyo's kickstarter (10-15 minutes headstart), which means exclusive items & discounts as well as the best chance at getting into the alpha / beta testing.

Popular questions

A. Yes! The big benefit of joining this group is that you’ll get access to our Kickstarter page when it launches a few hours before everyone else, so you’ll have the chance to back our Kickstarter early on and obtain early bird specials (discounts/exclusive deals).
The amount of alpha / beta spots we have are limited and are only available for Kickstarter backers. Hence, you’ll have the best chance at being a backer before those spots run out!

Likely late 2023 or early 2024, this is why it’s so important to get beta access. Beta access starts early 2023, which means If you get into the beta you can be enjoying Fluyo for a year before it is released to everyone!

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No, entering this group means that you get early access to our Kickstarter. Being a backer on Kickstarter or referring many people to join is the only way to get early access.

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